Save North Beach Car Park!

Join the campaign to stop the closure and development of the North Beach Car Park
located next to the beach in St Annes on Sea, Lancashire, United Kingdom. The local council have plans to close the car park as they need the money to fund their new council offices. This is the same council which has sold off historic buildings in Ashton Gardens and has plans to demolish the Town Hall. We know they are serious because the council had their way these these developments but we aim to stop them at the car park.

Who wants to keep the Car Park?

Who wants to close the Car Park?

Local residents, Lancashire Citizens, tourists, dog walkers, horse riders, kite flyers, Police, movie makers, normal people like you and us. 

Why is the Car Park important?

This is the only Car Park in this area and the council intend to start enforcing parking restrictions along Clifton Drive North.

The Car Park is adjacent to a Site of Special Scientific Interest which is full of interesting wild plants and animals.

The Car Park provides controlled access to the beach through the Sand Dunes System which means that the Sand Dunes are preserved and do not collapse into heaps of lose sand which then blow across the main road.

The Car Park is part of the flood defence system. This means that when the sea and winds are high the Car Park helps prevent neighbouring houses and main roads from being submerged under 1m of sea water.

The Car Park plays a key role in the Dunes Management Plan developed in conjunction with key stakeholders including Fylde BC, Blackpool BC, Lancashire CC, English Nature, Defra, Environmental Agency and RSPB. The plan was adopted by Fylde BC in May 2005 and a copy of the plan is available on request from Fylde Borough Council - call them and ask for a copy.

The Fylde Borough Council have plans to close two other Car Parks in the Town Centre with the loss of 105 car park spaces at the Town Hall site and at the Councill Office site.

Fylde Borough Council

The Council have submitted a planning application to close the car park and build flats


Fylde Council wish to demolish the existing St Annes Town Hall, build a new Civic Suite and flats on the existing Town Hall site.

So why close the car park?

The executive committee have stated that the car park is underused and by selling the car park for development they will have the required finances to build the new Civic Suite.

We thought this plan had been quashed?

NO - The Environmental Agency have requested a flood risk assessment so the Fylde Borough Council have removed the plannign application from the package which iuncludes the demolishment of the Town Hall but in a question to the full council on 10 October Council Leader John Coombes said that development was still planned once planning permission were sought.

Photo Album


Photographs of North Beach Car Park showing beach activities and the surrounding SSSI. Documents which have an impact on the North Beach Car Park.

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